CERAMIC PANELS FLYME — affordable heat for residential and commercial buildings

The calculation is provided for a room area of  50 m/sq.

Oil heater Electro boiler Electric convectors FLYME
Consumption/month 1800 kW 1600 kW 1200 kW 460 kW
Monthly expenses 3060 UAH 2688 UAH 2040 UAH 773 UAH
Life time до 5 years 20 years 10 years 30 years
Security Burns are dangerous The safety of operation is achieved by expensive and time-consuming installation Burns are dangerous 100% safe
Room warm-up rate 1-2 hours 2-3 hours 2-3 hours 1-2 hours
Maintenance / Adjustment Temporary heating / When changing weather Regularly / When the weather changes Temporary heating / Every couple of hours Missing / Once during installation
The ability to set the desired temperature in each room Only if there is a separate radiator in the room There is ! It is also possible to make different temperature zones in one room
Programmer 24/7 +

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FLYME ceramic panels — an innovative technology for the safe heating of rooms of any area

1.Ceramic heat storage plate
2.Heating element
3.Thermic compound
4.Aluminium screen
5.Metallichesky case
6.Convection openings
7.The programmer
8.Sensor of air temperature


The high efficiency of the FLYME panel is due to the combination of infrared and convection type heating. And the possibility of programming ensures smooth operation of the panel without loading the network.


Instant response to changes in air temperature allows maintaining a comfortable microlite in the room with a minimum error of up to 0.5 ° C


The special feature of the FLYME panel body allows you to quickly warm up the air without wasting energy on heating the outside wall and does not burn oxygen.


The rays of infrared radiation practically do not dissipate in the air, but reach objects and people, heating up, transferring heat to the room. Do not overdry the air.


SMART SYSTEM FLYME you get more features

  • Automatic control of air temperature in the room. In each room you can set an individual temperature, the ceramic heater does not need to be turned on and off all year round.
  • Controlling the surface temperature of the panel. SMART-system will adjust the temperature of the panel itself depending on the set room temperature and its heat losses, but not higher than the user-defined limit from 40 to 92 ° C.
  • Protection against overheating when the voltage in the mains is increased, fire safety during covering, overturning, falling, the possibility to set a safe temperature for children’s rooms and premises with pets.
  • Ease of Management. Only two buttons – to raise or lower the temperature in the room from 5 to 35 ° C with a gradient of 0.5 ° C.
  • Work on the clock with a daily or weekly cycle. For every hour you can set one of the heating modes: Comfort; Econom; Non-freezing; Disabled and 2 modes for customizing
  • Check for grounding. If you do not have a ground in the network, you can disable this option
  • Protection from power surges in the network. Work in the range of ~ 160 … 260V.

FLYME — advantages in detail

High-strength casing made of steel with powder thermo-painting

Glossy heat-accumulation plate, capable of heating 15 m / sq.

SMART-system built into each panel, allowing to save electricity and create comfort in the room

A reliable connection ensuring uninterrupted operation of the panel

Convection channels providing good airflow

Convenient fastening for easy and quick installation

Detailed instructions for setting up and operating the ceramic panel

Packing of three-layer corrugated cardboard, protecting the product from all sides

Power cord with molded plug and ground, for safe and long-lasting operation

Production – Ukraine, constant availability, affordable price and service support 24/7/365!

Sufficient length of wire, allowing you to freely place the panel at any convenient point in the house.

Elegant design of the panel, which will become not only a source of heat, but also a beautiful detail of …


We offer a range of products FLYME

Ceramic panels

Flyme 400

Flyme 450P

Flyme 600PW

Flyme 600PT

Flyme 900P

Flyme 800P

Price: 1790 uah


he FLYME 400 ceramic panel is used as an element of the FLYME Autonomous Electric Heating system. Recommended for installation in rooms from 20 to 1000 m2.

  • Heating area: 7-9 м?
  • Color: white, black;
  • Size: 600*600*50 мм;
  • Weight: 10 kg;
  • Operating temperature: front surface +85 °С
  • Material of the case: metal, powder coated;
  • Front material: granite, gloss;
  • Voltage: 220–250 V, 50–60 Hz;
  • Power Consumption: 400 W;
  • Energy-saving class: A++;
  • Protection class: IP 53;
  • Manufacturer: TM FLYME-Ukraine;
  • Warranty from the manufacturer: 5 years;
  • Life time: 30 years.

Metal convectors





Price: 1390 uah


FLYME 1000RW The only electric convector with minimal electricity consumption (only 1 kW per 20 sq. Meters),
new special design of the heater with the use of modern technologies, built-in climate control,
absolutely safe, with triple protection against overheating and overturning,
does not dry air, does not burn oxygen

  • Heating area: 20 м?
  • Power:1 kwt
  • Color: white, legs included;
  • Size: 450х600х75 мм;
  • Weight: 10 kg;
  • Operating temperature: front surface +70 °С
  • Built-in climate control with timer;



We have been working in the electric heating market since 2008, we know everything about ceramic heaters


We guarantee the availability of all models in stock


We develop and implement innovations ourselves


We give a lifetime warranty on their developments


We send heaters on the day of order


We are the owners of 12 patents


We produce electric heaters with the lowest energy consumption


We give free consultations and conduct accurate calculations



The original products of the brand FLAME are manufactured by LLC “FLYM UKRAINE”Production is in the city of Kiev;

All products have original packaging

Our promotional offers


“Test Drive”

Take the ceramic panel FLYME for a test drive and test it for 30 days


Free shipping when ordering 3 panels FLYME

Order 3 any panels, and we will pay for the delivery of panels to your city!


We give from 500 to 10 000 UAH for the purchase of panels!

Advantageous offer for business!

  • «Small Business» – 5 panels – 500 UAH as a gift!
  • «Medium Business» – 10 panels – 2000 UAH as a gift!
  • «Big business» – 50 panels — 10 000 UAH as a gift!

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Delivery is carried out by any transport company convenient for you. Payment is delivered at the beneficiary’s expense.

We bought a ceramic heater in the nursery. They were looking for an economical and safe option.
Very pleased. It works noiselessly, no smells, fresh air, and most importantly, a small children’s room heats “with a bang!” After half a year, it was decided with my husband that it was more profitable to switch to electric heating and purchased panels for all rooms, and the batteries were cut off.

I advise everyone.

Anastasia Stadnik

This year it replaced the usual heating on FLYME. Satisfied. Very cost-effective, especially against the backdrop of rising communal services. The colors were chosen under the design of the apartment, now we have hidden the heating of rooms. The thermostat allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature regime. We have not found any disadvantages yet.

Will – let me know.

Andriy Beregoviy

Installed FLYME in the restaurant. They fit perfectly into the design I designed: thin, with no noticeable cords. They have been working for more than 2 years. The customer does not complain and I’m happy.

Thank you!

Oksana Kulik


Can I install ceramic panels on the ceiling?


No, the panels are installed exclusively on the wall for two reasons:

1 – the weight of the panel is 10 kg. To place such weight on the ceiling is not safe.

2 – in this case convection will be violated. In addition, the panel must be installed on the coldest wall and the ceiling is not.

Can I put a ceramic panel in the middle of the room, on the stand?


Ceramic heaters are designed for installation on walls, they do not provide stands for placement in the center of the premises by the type of simple heaters.

On which wall is it better to install a heater?


The heater should be installed on the coldest wall in the room (in place of old batteries, under the window).

Can I dry things on the heater?


No! It is not possible to cover the panel, because in this case the heating element can overheat and burn.

Can I put the heater in the bathroom?


Yes! The heating element is carefully insulated with a sealant, so it is not afraid of getting drops of water and dust. But it is important to understand that you can not pour water on it!

Are not infrared rays harmful?


Dangerous short waves (as in a microwave oven), which can penetrate into a person, heating the organs. Long waves radiated by the heater affect only the skin and quickly cool down. Long-wave infrared radiation for its properties is called thermal, it has a therapeutic effect on the human skin.

Who is the manufacturer?


FlyMe heaters are produced only on the territory of Ukraine.

Production facilities are located in Lutsk, Kiev and Kharkiv

How long does the heater work without shutting down?


Without turning off the heater can work for 30 years without overheating the heating element!

Does the panel dry the air?


No, our innovative system allows us to achieve heat without burning oxygen.

Is it possible to leave the panel switched on unattended?


It means that you will leave the house and leave the panel in working order. Our panels are safe and can work in 24/7/365 mode! Our developments have been tested several times and will receive safety certificates!

How safe is the heater for children?


Ceramic heaters are recognized as the safest in operation. The heating temperature does not exceed 65-80 °, therefore the child is not threatened with severe burns. The panel itself is resistant to shock, so do not worry that it will break from a small blow. But, of course, it is better to install the panel so that the child does not have direct access to it.

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